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You Can Help!

Serving is the reason Jesus came to earth, even to the point of death on the cross.  We honor God when we follow Jesus' example and serve those around us.

How Can I Be a Part?

We'd love to have your support and partnership! If you're asking "Can I sponsor the needs of Hogar de Vida?" the answer is a resounding "Yes!"  

Ways to donate include:

You can also help by sharing the message of Homes of Life with others via social media!

One of the most important ways you can be a blessing to the ministry is to pray for us regularly.  Please pray for:

  • Prompt decisions from Child Protection for each child's situation
  • God's healing of hearts and spirits
  • Additional dedicated and mature staff and missionaries
  • A heart of passion, compassion and commitment for each one involved in the ministry ofHogar de Vida (Home of Life)
  • The Kingdom of God to grow here and also in YOUR LIFE

Contact us for additional information.  Blessings to you from all here at Homes of Life!

Monthly Sponsorship

Monthly sponsorship is so important to our homes. Meeting the financial needs of our homes in Guatemala and Costa Rica is only made possible through the gifts and offerings of churches and individuals. Please consider a sponsorship for the nutrition of one child for $30 a month, or the sponsorship of a 24/7 caregiver, or the operation of one home (30-35 children) for one day, which is $250 a month.

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