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Serving on a mission trip is one of God's greatest gifts. Be the hands and feet of Jesus to lift the arms of those who serve at Homes of Life.

Missions Trips with Homes of Life

We love seeing the hands and feet of Jesus in the teams that visit us. Come to Costa Rica on a seven-day trip to experience the Atenas mountainous area with up to 35 children onsite. Come to Guatemala on a 10-day trip and see the countryside as you travel six hours up into the beautiful high desert area of the San Andreas and see the Quiche Indian culture. Come and join us in serving God by caring for His children. Some of your experiences may include:

  • Completing daily chores with the children
  • Playing a game or doing an activity with the children
  • Repairing or building infrastructure
  • Completing yardwork or landscaping
  • Repairing on a family’s home
  • Going into the local community
  • Learning through devotions with the team
  • Experiencing devotions, church service, or prayer group in a different language
  • Praying for protection, guidance, and providence
  • Serving your team in cooking or cleaning
  • Working alongside the caregivers
  • Getting to know and developing a relationship with God’s servants

Whatever your experiences include, you will see the hand of God at work and know that He provides.

Church and community groups of both youth and adults have experienced a ripple effect of God’s glory while on a mission trip. This ripple effect often expands into their families, churches, schools, and communities upon returning home.



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