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Who We Serve

We serve the foster and feeding needs of the victims of abuse or neglect by providing safe, nurturing homes for children in Costa Rica and Guatemala. 

The Ministry of Hogar de Vida

Homes of Life oversees two distinct homes for children: one in Costa Rica and one in Guatemala. The missionary work of each home has its own unique objectives and challenges, but both return abundant blessings to the children who are cared for there, as well as to those who generously support this important ministry.

Many of these children arrive completely destitute, without a family's care or the basic provisions that so many people in the world take for granted.  Often the victims of abuse or neglect, the children's needs are met by the patience and hard work of caring men and women at Hogar de Vida y Nutriciónin Guatemala and at Hogar de Vida para Los Niños in Costa Rica, and by the important support of the child sponsorship program.

We invite you to partner with Homes of Life as God's loving compassion is demonstrated daily. Consider partnering with us and spread the word about Homes of Life.


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