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A Christian foster care program housing and feeding up to 35 children in need. 

Hogar de Vida in Atenas, Costa Rica!


Why run a children's home in Costa Rica?
Hogar De Vida is a transitional home for kids ages 0-10.  We take in children that are abandoned in hospitals and those that are in need of recuperation from physical abuse. These cases are investigated and sometimes, as a result, the parents just disappear. Our goal at Hogar is simply defined by three words: restoration, protection and formation. We hope to restore them, protect them while they are in our care, and to form them in Christ. After these children are restored, some may have no home to return to. It is a sad story, but we are doing what we can to give these kids the love, protection, and acceptance they desperately need, We do this in the hopes that here at Hogar they will meet their heart parents, who will adopt and love them for the rest of their lives.

Hogar de Vida houses up to 35 children at any given time. The ages of the kids range from birth to 10. We have a paid psychologist, a nutritionist, a nurse, a secretary as well as 40+ paid staff including early childhood caregivers and maintenance.  We also have several full time missionaries who serve in different capacities.

The campus is located in Atenas, Costa Rica. In what is dubbed "The best climate in the world," the town of 3000 people is about an hour's drive from San José, the capital. The Home for Children is located in a rural setting about three miles outside of Atenas.

The ministry began in the summer of 1995. The home and land were actually purchased in 1994, but no one was available to begin the work. Then Tim and Dena were asked to go and "check it out." Believing they were called to establish this home, they moved to Atenas in January, 1995. They welcomed their first child into the home five months later.

The home is for abandoned and abused children of Costa Rica. For some, it is a temporary arrangement until they become healthy and strong enough to return to a permanent home. For others, it is their only home. Here the basic needs of the children are met: a secure home environment, clothing, nutrition, education, parental figures, and most importantly, an opportunity to know Jesus and receive His love. Mission trips to Costa Rica provide our supporters with a unique chance to show care and concern for these precious young ones.

Individuals or churches send donations to Children of Promise International. 100% of these funds are then sent directly to the ministry. We try to have a sponsor for each child who will give a monthly offering and provide prayer support for him/her. God uses human vessels, but He, indeed, is faithful to provide all that is needed! Prayerfully consider sponsoring a child, a Costa Rica missions trip, or both, today.

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