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Providing for the daily nutritional requirements for a healthy body and healthy mind by sharing God's word.

Protection Home Program

Hogar de Vida shelters boys and girls who have faced a situation of risk or violation of rights in their own environment, which is why they are under our care full time. Our duty is to ensure all your needs; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; understanding that our work is temporary, for that reason our greatest desire is to be able to sow the seed of the word of God in the hearts of the children and the personnel who go through our mission, which we know is eternal.


Education Program

Hogar de Vida believes in education, and we recognize that for a better future and better job opportunities on this earth and also as a right, everyone deserves to have the opportunity to educate themselves. However, not everyone has the opportunity to do so, so Hogar de Vida with the help of sponsors has been able to develop a program that gives our children this opportunity. Our program focuses its efforts on providing the opportunity to have academic training, providing everything necessary without neglecting the most important thing, the teaching of the word of God.


Nutrition Program

In 1992, the founding missionaries, Tim and Dena Stromstad, had the initiative based on a great need in the area to start a nutrition program to help children in the area who were facing this reality. Over the years, God has allowed us to meet needs beyond the physical part, and we have had the honor and privilege of also educating and discipling many. We have seen good men and women grow who have come forward. We have seen God's faithfulness through the years. This program has a projection to the community-villages, in which our main focus is that people know God through the word; In turn, we share food to bless the lives of children and older adults with limited resources in the surroundings.


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