We invite you to partner with Hogar de Vida where God's loving compassion is demonstrated daily. Consider participating in our sponsorship programs. 

Sponsor a Child in Costa Rica or Guatemala - Children Sponsorship Programs

Our LORD makes provision for meeting the financial needs of our homes in Guatemala and Costa Rica through the gifts and offerings of churches and individuals.  If you are interested in sponsoring a specific child in need, please write to Tim & Dena Stromstad at info@homesoflife.org to alert us to your wishes.

When you sponsor a needy child, they are cared for 24/7 in our children's homes in both Guatemala and Costa Rica. With a $30 dollar monthly commitment, you will get a photo of the child and the child's history.  You will also receive a current photo at Christmas time, and periodic updates on the child throughout the year. While there are many sponsor-a-child charities, Homes of Life works in an area where the need is immense and depends on your sponsorship to do its important work.

Sponsorship Program Description
Foundation Forward Brochure

Note: Please attach a memo to your sponsorship donation indicating your interest in receiving the history and a picture of the child you are sponsoring.  Also, indicate your preference, if any, for Costa Rica or Guatemala.  

All sponsorships and/or financial gifts for whatever project go to: 

Children of Promise International
6844 Loop Rd.
Centerville, OH  45459-2159

To learn more about Homes of Life or how you can sponsor a child or about other programs of support, please contact us today.

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